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2nd Annual Drawing Contest Results

The judges are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s drawing contest. The contest entries have improved this year, and we are seeing entries more closely follow the contest theme. The judging was more difficult given the increased number and quality of the entries. The junior category presented a special challenge trying to evaluate among several closely matched pieces.

Thanks go out to the fellow judges, Steve and Sue Dziura, for their time, and to the sponsors for offering the great prizes this year. And finally, thanks to all of you who put forth your best effort with your artwork to make this a great contest. Congratulations to all of the winners!


Senior Category

Theme - "Autumn or Winter Beauty"

1st Place
"Miss Winter Beauty 2007"
A. Gillespie (13) - Groveport
Prize: $50 PrizmArt gift certificate and
Autographed artwork by Jim Orr

2nd Place
E. Culver (12) - Columbus
Prize: $40 PrizmArt gift certificate

3rd Place
"Old Beauty in Winter"
D. Upton (14) - Powell
Prize: $30 PrizmArt gift certificate

Honorable Mention
C. Jula (14) - Blacklick

Honorable Mention
E. Wynia (12) - Columbus

Junior Category

Theme - "Brothers and sisters sharing"

1st Place
J. Shroyer (10) - Sunbury
Prize: $40 PrizmArt gift certificate

2nd Place
R. Miller (10) - Dublin
Prize: $30 PrizmArt gift certificate

3rd Place
T. Wynia (9) - Columbus
Prize: $20 PrizmArt gift certificate

Honorable Mention
M. Pedrozo (8) - Sunbury

Honorable Mention
J. Shroyer (7) - Sunbury